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Well hello, my long-lost friends. It’s me again. Like a bad penny dolling out random advice based on real-life experience, emotional and haste. Sit down, strap in and take off the parking brake. Thank you to everyone who sent questions. I’m one guy with one opinion, nothing more. Game on.

1. 2:12, Why when you choose one lens do you chose a 50mm over the 35mm?

2. 9:00, Can you talk more about the photography business?

3. 11:42, Do you ever mix film and digital?

4. 15:21, How much does perception play a role when it comes to photographing people? Does the camera system play a role?

5. 19:27, Any tips for overcoming self-doubt? Do you use filters?

6. 21:58, Would I be better off using LIghtroom or Bookwright?

7. 24:30, What is a field guide?

8. 25:16, How did you make AG23?

9. 28:11, How do you contact a fixer for doing documentary work?

10. 30:36, Do you care about a creative legacy? Again, great questions. Thank you!

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  1. Had to listened to this vlog a second time especially the answer to the last question.

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