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Hello, my friends. Back with another Q&A because you keep asking solid questions. And for this, I need to thank you. I’ve been incredibly busy over the past few weeks so my YouTube output has been lower than normal. Thanks to you I have content to share.

1. 1:06, Why did the X100 series NOT work for me?

2. 5:18, How do I get good? And what does that even mean? Is it even realistic if we are all doing multiple things at the same time?

3. 10:58, How and where do you make it happen to sell images?

4. 15:00, Is previsualization a skill that can be honed? If so, how?

5. 19:43, When I talk about an archive, what kind of work am I speaking about, and do I think there will be a market for this in twenty years?

6. 23:59, How do you engage in documentary projects while remaining morally distant? How do you photograph people who are the opposite of who I am?

7. 28:25, What is the best way of creating a bilingual publication?

8. 30:37, How did I run my wedding business?

9. 36:06, When doing long-term documentary projects is it okay to take a break during the day?

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