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Hello, my friends. Welcome back. Thank you to those who took the time to send their questions. Much appreciated and a solid bunch of ideas to ponder and question. Keep firing in those questions and I’ll keep sending them back out. Siempre juntos.

1. 1:20, At the moment when you press the shutter, what do you think you are doing exactly?

2. 4:30, How do older Leica lenses compare to the newer versions?

3. 7:58, How do I overcome mental inertia?

4. 11:30, What is your take on traditional bookmaking and design vs the more artistic approach?

5. 16:14, How do I use an audio recorder on my projects?

6. 20:00, How do you photograph people who are completely different from yourself?

7. 24:35, What do you think about hybrid or e-bikes?

8. 27:40, Which Blurb product is closest to the gritty Zines of yore? Which paper is best?

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