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Life is a bit hectic these days. My goal is to keep my head above water and attempt to find some truths, do some good and continue the trickle that is my YouTube channel. A quick shout out to those of you who are playing along. Without you, there is no channel. I hope that I can find the time to expand my offering over the coming months and begin to branch out with my programming. There are road trips, adventures, photo stories, and more but I need the time to produce. (not likely…)

1. 2:20, What are your thoughts about visual patterns like frames, lines, and color?

2. 6:39, Any favorite resources for route planning or detour picking?

3. 9:00, Why are photographers cheap when it comes to their marketing. (This is a short take on a LONG question.) 4. 15:44, Can you tell us more about being a hot tub installer and fragrance model?

5. 19:44, What is the most memorable, non-verbal compliment you have ever received?”

6. 22:24, Can you review my work?

7. 22:46, Do I use “cheat codes,” like The Sunny 16 Rule, while I’m in the field?

8. 26:50, What is my definition of “real work?” And how does filmmaking fit in?

9. 30:50, Should I trust my instinct that a photo isn’t good if it doesn’t look good small?

10. 32:00 For Bookmaking, is it preferable to scan the negatives or from prints?

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  1. There’s no birthday party for me in here. Watched that, laughed, and then jumped to Sunny 16. Will watch the rest later.

  2. Another great Q&A… can’t get enough of them. And really glad to see your wife returned without issue.

    On the Sunny 16 discussion: with astigmatism and dyslexia, age related camera shake and just being a bit on the slow side to begin with, I need all the help I can get. So I set my little camera’s f-stop and shutter speed manually but have ISO on auto. I use back button focusing so I can pick a focal point then quickly reframe for composition. When I move through different lighting situations I change the shutter speed as I go. I’ve been shooting this way for a little over a year now.

    At a recent family and friend gathering one friend saw my wrist strap and remarked that he was watching me work (no pay involved) and the camera looked like a part of my hand. I took that as a compliment. Later when sharing the images many people remarked that they didn’t even notice my taking pictures. The friend who made the earlier remark was surprised to see himself in some of the images and said, ” How did you do that?!?”

    I know if I were fiddling with the camera I would have missed those precious moments or called attention to myself and distracted people from what they were doing. It felt good to have “pulled a Milnor” and blended in well enough to get some nice pictures without interfering with the good experience people were having.

    One request: When you recommend the work of an inspirational person as you often do, could you drop their name in the video description? I forget if I mentioned short term memory issues but it would cut back on my playing and re-playing the parts of your video to get a person’s name right.

    Thanks again for the Q&A…

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  3. Thanks! And if you do conquer your short-term memory let me and several million other people know…

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  4. Regarding the question about large or small prints.
    I think for a print to make sense printed large they either have a quality to them (a feel) that makes sense at large scale – or you plan for them to be large when you make them (and often they do not work well small).

    Large scale high resolution images – either from large format cameras or by stiching. Done well you get prints that work 5 meters away, and as you move closer more and more detail is revealed. See Clyde Butcher for examples –, or Dag Alveng summer light photos .
    When you stand in front of these you feel you can run into them.

    I had three large (210 by 70 cm) panoramas at an exhibition and you know you have done a decent job when people spend time looking at your prints from a few meters away and also decide to walk up and take in parts of them at a time.

    PS: Clyde Butches standard reply when people say they do not have room for them is : do you have a sofa, (yes) is there a wall behind the sofa (yes), then you have room.

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      amazing what prints can be made today. My fav size is 16×20. Fits most places and was a size I could print in the darkroom.

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