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Well, well, well back again. I actually feel kinda lame doing so many questions and answer films but my flux capacitor is running at extreme temperatures and this is about all I have time for. Sorry. But, you ask damn good questions and I’m here to answer. I’m just one guy with one opinion. Take it for what it’s worth.

1. 2:45, Do you think there is anything to the idea that switching hands, and holding a square format camera, might cause extra brain work, such that you are more focused/mindful/attentive to things like composition because your brain is working backward?

2. 6:30, People like labels but few people like to be labeled. Any thoughts?

3. 11:24, Why do so many photographers teach and market instead of just going out and shooting more?

4. 16:00, Do you know of any other online sources that have a similar outlook to you? Have you heard of the Photo Bill of Rights?

5. 21:14, What is a good place to start educating myself on what good photography is?

6. 25:15, How do we know when we encounter someone good outside of the big names?

7. 26:26, What is fine-art photography?

8. 31:14, Are business cards still viable?

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  1. Is that a Magcloud digest you’re holding in the photo? Sorry if you mention that in the Q&A – I won’t be able to listen to it today. I’ve been meaning to submit a question. My question is at the end – I’ll try not to ramble too much. I like the underground, gritty aspect of zines. I haven’t figured out a way to do that with photo zines. Some people are great with that stuff, but the thought of working on it on the computer or even with tape and then walking over to Kinko’s (I’ll always call it Kinko’s) only to discover what I thought was page one is in the middle sends me into a bit of a panic. But I should try it – make the brain do some work.

    Which blurb option do you find is closest to those economical, gritty zines of yore? Are there some paper options you find work better with photos (it depends is a fine answer, just wondering which papers you gravitate to for photos).

    1. Scott,

      Thats the digest from Magcloud.

      Magcloud is probably the closest you are going to get in terms of no-frills zine – with print on demand capability.

      The only issue, as with all print on demand, is waiting – waiting to see if you want you did was correct “page numbers, crops, sequencing”.

      I always make sure I have enough pages for a “saddle stitch” binding, which is really just staples down the spine (as opposed to actually stitching). I have never been a fan of perfect binding and I don’t like the idea of having a spine.

      IF you want economical – you gotta with Magcloud (its cheaper than Blurb – even though its owned by the same company). You really cannot beat the price and quality, and flexibility with printing. The only down side is that you need to design your publication in an InDesign (or similar) program.

      I like BLURB, love BLURB actually – I am very fond of their Magazines, and their trade-books. I do a lot of collage based artwork, and I just made a two blank page books (Magazine and Trade-book). The idea is that they will serve as “sketchbooks” for my work. I just design a wrap around cover, but inside all the pages are black – and it comes out cheaper than most sketchbooks of equal size and quality of construction.

    2. Thanks, Aaron. I think I will go back and play around with the Magclouds again. I’ve printed one digest and liked it. Intrigued by the saddle stitching suggestion. Haven’t tried that.

      I tried a journal through Blurb. Total test. I think it may have been a 6×9 notebook or journal. To test it I added in some shapes, pages with “To Do” space (haha, creative), some images with lowered opacity so they fade into the page, etc. Fun project, but I found that choice not fun to write in. Hard to hold open.

      Do you find that with your blank page books?

    3. Scott, maybe this is not politically correct as a comment on this site, sorry Daniel, but don’t underestimate what a local printshop can do. My forty page zine was done with a simple pdf maker through a local printer for about four bucks a piece for a run of ten, and the quality was very decent, and virtually no wait.

    4. That’s a good point, Chuck. It would be fun to get to know some of the local zine makers. I know they’re out there. I’ll look into that, too.

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      Sure, local printers are great. Use anything and everything. They often do some things well and others not so much. I can get a good trade book for less than $4 and an 80-page digest for $1.20. But, have to wait a week to ten days. And hope that shipping isn’t screwed.

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      Softcover trade with lower page counts open and lay just fine. So does magazine. My 400 page journal doesn’t but I just turn it and write horizontally.

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      All good. Economy trade with cream paper is dreamy. Requires specific image prep to make it work but when done correctly it can sing. Love MC. Digest and 8×8 are my favorite. I don’t mind perfect bind at all. Some of my favorite all time photobooks are bound this way. For me it’s about design and work. The blanks are a great idea I’ve been utilizing for years as well. Use them as journals mostly.

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  2. Hi ….Daniel ….I have a question ….do you see any difference using Leica and Fuji film in terms of black and white photographs. I would appreciate if you include the Leica monochrome experience if you used one. It would be helpful if you answer it in one of your question answer videos. I am asking because there is significant number of people asking Fuji to make monochrome camera like Leica did. Thanks for sharing the good work and online videos.

    1. Post

      I have never had a Leica digital but I have friends who do. I can ask. I think each system has a distinctive file. You can make those files mimic other things but they still have a “look.”

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