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First of all, thank you to everyone who sent questions. During the time required to upload this film, I had ten more questions roll in and they are all solid questions. In fact, one of them is something I could do an entire film on. So again, thank you. A wide range of thing here so let’s get er done.

1. 1:48, Does New Mexico have a residue of the Manhattan Project, and have I read the book?

2. 4:30, Does shooting 6×6 make your project stand out? How to create something that does not get lost in the shuffle?

3. 7:50, How do I make images and tell stories that I can be proud of?

4. 12:45, What is my mindset when it comes to making short films?

5. 16:28, Am I using a 35mm or 50mm on the XT cameras. (Equivalent)

6. 20:55, What is your definition of a good photograph?

7. 22:52, What is your definition of a portfolio image?

8. 25:10, How do you identify a person’s photography style?

9. 27:08, Do I play chess? What are my thoughts on the Quran? Do I have kids? Top movies of all time? (I don’t answer this last one, not yet. Need to think.)

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  1. When you mentioned your family, you know what I realized? I miss your frames of your nephew. Some of those were brilliant.

    Also, MediaStorm is awesome. Has been from day 1.

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  2. Ugh, guess what – I once again forgot to take notes. There was a lot in this one. Really good. Dig the hat. Good chance I’ll be back for another comment. Until then – seriously, only 7 FWIW listeners? I suspect you’re exaggerating, but still…hard to believe. Luckily, the Q&A has a flavor of the FWIW.

    1. Bummer about the X-T4. I doubt I’m alone in hoping for the chance to avoid gimbals and tripods. Part of that is obviously me hoping for the easier way. Thinking about projects and stories is challenging enough. And then you add in the weight of all the other things. There’s a lot standing between me and Ken Burns LOL. I think the Storm anecdote – video/film is a team sport.

    2. Haha. The amount of stuff I’ve accumulated since starting video is insane. I’ve tried to simplify load outs as much as possible but it really depends on the job.

      With practice, and patience, you can get stable shots without gimbals and tripods. Elbows tucked into your sides, strap around your neck then pull the camera forward so the strap is tight. Three points of contact just like a set of sticks. Surprisingly, adding weight to the camera makes it easier.

      Gorilla Pods are great too as they are small and easily packable. Lenses/cameras with IS help and the stabilizer in Resolve works well.

      You could also just tell people that you’re mimicking the handheld style of Dr Strangelove…

    3. I talk a lot about the things I want to do. When I actually do them, I think people are thinking more of Slim Pickens than Kubrick. Wahhooooooo.

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    8. Good! But selfishness aside – there’s overlap. The Q&As hit the same vibe. Not exactly the same vibe, which I find interesting. It’s late, never a good time to delve into Deep Thoughts With Jack Handy…but…I suspect there’s hard wiring in our brains that means looking into a lens or talking into a mic can never be exactly the same. Profound, I know. For everyone reading, happy to provide my Venmo for the profundity.

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