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Could there possibly be any more questions? Yes, that was a trick question. Your wish is my command. Remember, one guy and one opinion so take it for what it’s worth.

1. 32 seconds, What is my stance on money? Save or Spend?

2. 4:30, Can a mind live without an image of itself?

3. 5:54, Do I put time limits on my layouts?

4. 7:46, Have I ever taken a photo that changed my worldview?

5. 11:00, What about photography for business and being paid? Does that impact my documentary work?

6. 14:20, If I went back to film why would I not use transparency?

7. 15:47, If I went around the world by bike would I take my flyrod or more film?

8. 18:10, How do I avoid having everything I do judged by other people?

9. 19:50, What did I learn about Panama and Peru?

10. 22:07, What is the difference between a photo-story and a photo-essay? 11. 22:22, What van resources did you find helpful?

12. 27:15, How do you feel about the possible reclassification of Santa Fe?

13. 31:27, How would you feel about someone publishing your work after your death?

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  1. Hi Dan,
    Trannies & Film: Back in the early 90’s I went to Tunisia with a bunch of news snappers. I was working for the BBC and we were shooting publicity pictures for a TV drama. It was at the time when photojournalists were beginning to shoot colour neg, processing, scanning and uploading via their laptop from the hotel. This meant taking raw processing chemicals for the C41 process. So, at Tunis airport, a bunch of half cut Brit snappers rolled up, nonchalantly tossed inside their travel cases were bags of white powder. You can imagine the scene… guns, dogs the whole shooting match turned up. It took some decidedly delicate negotiating from the BBC and a chemist to finally allow us through. Fortunately, I was shooting the wonderful Kodak EPP, which i’d have deved back in London, so I watched, amused while the the circus came to life. It was quite a process back then to get pictures back to the desk.

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      These stories make my heart swell. I had a friend who took chemistry to Somalia then built a campfire to heat the chems and field processed in dark bag. I got stopped once coming back into Houston from Central America and customs found acidophilus pills in my bag. Same thing, drug dogs, interview, broke all my zippers, missed my flight, etc.

  2. These stories are for the history books. I guess it’s no bad thing photographers no longer have to go through these kinds of scenarios.
    However, I doubt there is the need to feed pictures back with such urgency now. Photojournalism is also on the way to the history books…….but that’s a whole other story.

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      Yes, PJ is in trouble but the underlying systems are broken too. We have a lot of work to do, if we survive.

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