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Hey Team, First off, thank you. This series is based on you asking me. About what? Anything and everything. My wife asks more questions than anyone I’ve ever met. So, you all have your work cut out for you in keeping up.

1. What do you think about Jimmy Chin’s new book?

2. How do you feel about photographers who self-identify with brand or film type?

3. How do you recommend organizing research materials for a long-term project?

4. Do you think young photographers could still benefit from working at a newspaper, and if so, how?

5. When selling or gifting prints, what is the best way to sell them? Mounted? Unmounted? Flat? Rolled?

6. What about funding AG23 through selling prints or doing workshops?

7. How important is keywording when it comes to an archive?

8. You’ve been talking about Leica a lot. Are you going to buy one? And why bother if you already have Sony and Fuji?

9. How do I design a portrait format book when using both horizontal and vertical images?

10. How do I see your images when listening to your SoundCloud, Leica File stories?

11. What are your coffee and smoothie recipes?

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  1. I listened to this last night, and since then had formulated various comments somewhat relevant to the content. Then I read this at the end of a Chase Twichell poem this morning: “Strange to think we have climbed this far for only another view of ourselves, the world being everywhere equally foreign”. And then the comments became unnecessary.

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