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Yes, back with another question and answer, maybe because my days are filled with nonstop questions of my own. You know, important things like “Is my ECD rig JUST right?” Are seven pocketknives enough? Does my pen need to match my bag? By the way, I’m not down on EDC, I just find it so bizarre. I was given my first pocketknife in the second or third grade under the warning “Here, you will need this.”

1. 1:49, I am aiming to establish myself in the local art scene and am wondering what I should say or not say to someone who is established?

2. 4:58, What is the role of the online community moving forward? And will photographers like “X” (online film YouTuber) outshine the folks who have actually done real work?

3. 7:00, Do you have any advice about finding editing advice?

4. 12:22, Do you need things like a tax plan, lawyer, etc. if you are just a consumer doing projects?

5. 15:35, How do you feel about Salgado’s work in the Sahel?

6. 18:21, Do you have any advice about doing a project on bike messengers and how does one find high-level photography work?

7. 21:07, How do you feel about Kodak deleting a post that was critical about China. (Post by Jack Wack?)

8. 25:15, What is your coffee recipe?

9. 27:50, How do you feel about keywording for stock purposes?

10. 32:02, What was that small bag you just acquired?

11. 35:43, Can you tell us more about the “Space Pen?”

12. 38:00, Why blog when you have a YouTube channel?

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  1. Keep the Q&As coming! They’re pretty much the only thing I look forward to on YouTube. (I would have deleted YouTube long ago if it hadn’t been for you channel and the channel!) I appreciate your no-nonsense perspective and storytelling.

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  2. I’ve got a Mystery Ranch bag. I don’t use it much, but it’s solid. I thought you went with a Shimoda 25? I keep looking at those bags, but I think I’d want to keep it under 30.

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      Yep, I’ve got the Shimoda which I think is 25/30. It’s a GREAT bag and I use it all the time when I’m on the road. My Sony kit is permanently in that bag. But it’s huge for carrying around town. The new bag is perfect. Actually, far better than I expected…

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