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I love these. When I feel like I haven’t been productive enough I crank out a Question and Answer and all feels right with the world. Maybe I need to hear my own voice. Maybe it’s all ego. You just never know. On a dark and stormy day here in New Mexico I field your questions once again. One man, one opinion. Nothing more, nothing less.

1. 3:00, How would you exhibit stills and audio?

2. 5:55, Should I feel bad about not being a professional photographer?’

3. 10:54, We know you love books and magazines but do you make prints as well?

4. 14:21, I never like losing data in the fold of a double-page spread. Is there a good workaround and are landscape and square books crutches?

5. 18:44, Do you ever shoot for publication in the field?

6. 22:49, What did you do for Lyme that finally helped you get over the hump?

7. 29:34, How do you use your audio recorder in the field and what about recording people?

8. 32:28, Do viewers today still have the ability to engage with black and white photography?

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  1. Once I was staying in a friends semi-legal loft in the dock area of Reykjavík Iceland. I looked out the window and saw a small green Lada SUV. I turned to my friend, pointed out the window and said, “Umm that small green Lada?” He simply said, “Yes” It was indeed the SUV from the volcano escape scene in “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.” Such a great movie.

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