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So thankful to those of you who sent me these questions. This week’s Question and Answer is a bit different as our range of topics has seen sudden diversification. (I love this.) Things like “What kind of bike do you ride?” and “What outdoor kit can you not live without,” are a lot of fun for me to delve into. Yes, sure, the camera kit and audio kit and drone kit and the rest of my creative nonsense is always with me but what ELSE do I need? A few links for your viewing pleasure. No need for links to buff, sun sleeves, lighter, or a pocket knife. Many to choose from.

Floyd’s of Leadville.


Beyond Clothing

Lems Shoes

Jet Pens

Salsa Cycles

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  1. Just to complete the wardrobe, I bought a pair of the Beyond shorts last year when AG23 came out, and wore them almost every day last summer, so much so that I bought a second pair in a different color last month so I could at least alternate them, love the stretch fabric.

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