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Let us not forget the reality that having the time to discuss photography and bookmaking is a complete luxury. A lot of folks on this planet of ours are simply trying to survive. Food, water, shelter. What f-stop never plays into the life plan. Another important reminder, I am one person with one opinion. Nothing more.

Question One: 48 seconds, Use one lens or three?

Question Two: 2:41, Are you going to do more interviews?

Question Three: 4:21, How do I feel about film simulations?

Question Four: 8:08, How do you find yourself as a photographer?

Question Five: 11:29, Formula for not burning out?

Question Six: 14:59, Do I feel I am actually impacting people or just entertaining?

Question Seven: 16:39, Is a formal photography education required? Question Eight: 21:20, What is my single favorite photograph?

Question Nine: 23:56, Do I try to carry a film look over to digital?

Question Ten: 25:36, What does marketing look like for a modern, unknown project?

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  1. Dan
    Best line of the video. “I don’t know where I would be, Pulling down the ski mask and a pistol in my hand” pissed myself
    Great video.
    2 personal notes came up listening
    1. A month back I dug out my X-Pro 1 put my 35 mm lens on. It was such a joy going out and walking around shooting, small compact and not thinking about zooming. I have all the toys but holding this setup brought a smile to my face and it felt liberating.

    2. I bought 40 rolls of Tr-X. I loaded into the F3 and have shoot a few frames. Unfortunately right now Ontario is in full lock down. But I have plans to carry it all the time along with the X Pro 1. I am graving the look of black and white and the joy of shooting in 2021. Virus be damned.


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      So many people feel the same. As do I. The Fuji is the perfect size. And F3 and TRI-X is heaven. I have the same with a Zeiss 50mm.

    2. Same for me.

      I sold my original Fuji X100 many years ago but I missed that little camera and the fact that I could just pick it up with it’s 35mm equivalent lens without any concern about which lenses to take with me. So as a present to myself I picked up an X100V mid-2020 and as soon as I got it, it was like saying hello to an old friend. It immediately felt right and I love it.

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  2. Another mans opinion. I shoot in Acros film simulation tweaked a bit. Yes, it doesn’t look like film, but it looks like what works for my eye, and I like to see the black and white in the viewfinder when I compose, makes it easier for me to adjust the exposure compensation, tonal contrast in snapseed and done. Glad you listing the questions here ahead of watching. Cheers!

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  3. “What you’re asking for is undivided attention, and that is at a premium in our culture and society today.” D. Milnor

    No guff, eh? That’s one for the ‘music and words’ journal. Thanks, man!

    1. Post

      No way around it. Looking for that undivided… plutonium at this point. Or even better…..Element 115.

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