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I am often asked, “How do I start a project?” I have a range of answers depending on who the person is but most of the time I say “Start small, start close.” There is no substitute for time and access so you need something close and something you can access. Christ Rothgeb and his “point two nine,” does just that. A walkabout near home.

What have we learned to unsee over the years. Do we know our neighbors? Which way does the water flow during a flood? What range of life is here besides me? How does the light fall in the spring vs the fall? What is changing? If you study yourself and your surroundings long enough you just might make sense of it all. Or maybe just part. I know a writer who made the same walk every day for forty years. He wrote a book about it. This reminds me of that.

This magazine might make sense to a limited number of people and it might not sell on any scale. Who cares? For those in the know, well, they will know. Simple spreads, magazine format, black and white, simple observations. A visual coffee shop moment. Familiar faces. Turmoil and quiet.

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  1. Profound. Just when we feel we have the slightest grasp as to where we are in the universe, the first written page illustrated above reminds us that we haven’t even scratched the surface. How can we pretend to understand what is going on a thousand miles away when we don’t even know what is going on in our own back yard?

    “Start small, start close.” Words to live by.

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