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Gotta thank Mr. Neale James for this little sit-down. Neale is a pro who does what he does at a high level but also makes the entire process a lot of fun. I’ve been doing a fair number of interviews as of late, thanks to YouTube, which has been entertaining. I think my point of view is somewhat outside the mainstream option. Not saying it’s better, just different.

Photography can be many things to many people, and the meaning can change dramatically the further into the practice one dives. We obsess over odd things in life and I think you can put photography in that category. However, I do still believe that photography can change the world. It might not do so like it did generations ago, but when positioned correctly and honed to a razor sharp edge, photography can still cut like a blade.

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  1. Excellent Dan. and of course I love the British slant on it (wish I’d known beforehand, I’d have fixed a cup of PG Tips).
    More and more this Social Media monkey that is on many people’s back is going to have to be addressed….as the man says, “You can me now, or you can pay me later…”

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      It’s one of the most fascinating developments of my entire lifetime. Watching these networks literally take over the majority of the population. Watching the networks destroy us in real-time as more and more people sign-on. 2016, Cambridge Analytica. We KNOW what happened. And now, same exact thing happening but atomized at entirely new level and most everyone I know is still using Facebook. Still using IG, making excuses and acting like the reality is in some distant world.

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