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The winds of change are upon us but these winds are additive. Giving not taking but blowing me in a direction I do not yet know. What could be better? A few weeks ago I was confronted with the need to take a moment to attempt to better understand who I am, where I am, and who and where I will be in one year, five years, etc. Hadn’t done this in quite some time and the result was eye-opening. Some known territory but a lot of new mental vistas to explore. I’m embarking on what I’m calling “Operation Improve,” which at the core is me getting better a range of skills I need to refine. Graphic design, copywriting, filmmaking, web 3.0 prep, and what I will call a nebulous “something” percolating on the horizon. Strap in people, it’s gonna get bumpy.

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  1. Good luck with all that, Daniel. That sounds like a very ambitious agenda. I hope it all comes to fruition. Cheers!

  2. Good stuff. A nebulous, creative future. Lots of changes ahead for me soon, too. I’ve been putting them off, but I’ve taken some steps in a positive direction. Looking forward to following along.

  3. And one way to improve your website would be to actually respond to comments in a more timely fashion on here, kinda like you do on your youtube channel?

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