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Welcome to the second motion episode of Notes on Photography. The workshop series I mention in the intro is PhotoExperience with Adam Weintraub. I’ve taught with Adam several times and would do so again if the opportunity arose.

Lima, Peru. Gifted a little prize early on the first morning of the workshop. This is my favorite style of image, here one fraction of a second, gone the next. But there are several ingredients that make this image worth noting. You may like it, dislike it, no matter. It’s the consideration that counts. Go burn a few rolls.

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  1. Ok, glad I found this…..Now that Brooks Institute of Photography has closed, you are my last hope to drag my photography out of palm trees coming out of people’s head and into something momentarily decisive. I will stay tuned…..

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      You know me, always the critic. Also reminds me of school. Putting silver prints up on the wall and having fellow students destroy…..who said school isn’t fun?

  2. Love this series. It’s a great image. I am not the tech mastermind that you are – what program thingmajig lets you mark up the photos like that?

    Still have that M4?

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