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Mic has been busy. You might remember another publication from him just a few short weeks ago. The pandemic means different things to different people. For me, more conference calls and spreadsheets than ever before, but far less creative work. Not complaining, just a shift in how things are done. Life is about adapting. For others, the pandemic has been disheartening, destructive, and challenging. These folks need our help, so if you know someone then reach out and ask what you can do.

For others, the pandemic has spurred creativity. This is a consistent human thread during times of massive stress. War, pandemics, etc. Mic falls into this category of creator. Just make something, and he does.

What I like about this publication-focusing on one of the two he sent- is the subject matter. A revolving door entrance. That’s it. Something all of us have walked by countless times. My wife and I were hiking yesterday and she asked about my clothing situation. I’m now wearing my Beyond kit every single day and have been for months now. I want to see how it holds up and I love what they make. And I’m a great case study because I suck in cold weather and tomorrow morning here in Santa Fe it will be ten degrees. Yikes.

But I told my wife, “I don’t need my New York clothes anymore.” What I meant by that was the stylish stuff I would wear while on the road for Blurb. Not traveling anytime soon. That “New York” stuff put me in and through hundreds of these doors and I never once thought of photographing one.

My guess is what caught Mic’s eye is the light and the layers. That’s enough at times. Turn something routine into something special. This is, after all, what the job of a documentary photographer actually is. Clarity from the clutter. Now, an assignment of sorts for Mic. Next publication, no black. White pages, white backgrounds. See how it goes and how it feels and can he make something in white that plays off this black publication so that the two form a pair of sorts? (He didn’t ask for an assignment but I just do this from time to time.)

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      I just wrote the Uncles a letter today. Was thinking about the beach up there. Can’t wait for summer…

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