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Bit of a temp film here people, full admission. But, there is a reason behind my madness. Just testing, testing, and more testing. This last road trip illustrated to me how good the new iPhone is and for motion content it’s actually a strategic tool I’ve come to rely on. So, a quick upgrade to the 13 Pro to test both ProRes and Cinematic mode. In the process, I purchased a gimbal but realize now it’s not right for me. I love the company but need to find a different gimbal that works with the bulk of my kit. I have SO many things happening in my life right now, most of which are good, and many of these things could really impact my future work life. I see a merge of sorts happening. Brands, companies, ideas, and even locations.

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    1. Haha. As soon as I typed that I said, I bet he mentions the M3. I thought the video looked great. Another reminder for me that I don’t really notice the actual video, as long as the quality isn’t distractingly bad. If you hadn’t mentioned it was shot on the phone, I would have assumed you were shooting the same way you’ve shot your last 10 videos.

  1. Liked the video quality, and the audio was really good! I don’t mind the fuzzy border around your head. I vote for you to do more of these on your phone … except this ain’t no democracy. Still…

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