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All me all the time. Need to thank Andrew Hellmich for the interview. I enjoyed this experience immensely and I also appreciate the time allowed. In a world obsessed with the short we were able to add a little to the long.

Photography is a peculiar thing in my life. The value of doing my own photography has changed dramatically over the past decade. With each year the importance of making pictures seems to fade but so does my available time. More work equals less photography. The good news is that the other parts of my life have changed, improved, and expanded. Would I rather go cycling, fishing, or hiking, or make pictures? Easy. Cycling, fishing, or hiking. You could add a variety of other adventures to this list as well. Throw in the email, conference calls, planning docs, consulting, and the rest of working a full time nine to five, and the chances for actual photography are quite rare.

However, when I DO go out specifically to make pictures or work on a project it still takes on a serious note. There is an intention, focus, and desire to make something solid. My skills are diminished which is to be expected when you only practice once every few months, at best. (I haven’t made serious images since the spring of 2019.)

But discussions about photography are always on my agenda. It’s fun to not have a stake in the ground when it comes to anything in particular. Film or digital? Pro or prosumer? Doesn’t matter. It’s all good.

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  1. That was such a great interview Dan. I think those of us who follow you here for a while have heard you talk about most of what you said more than once – social media, printing, reasons for photography etc – but this was a really great distillation. Notes were taken.

    Great point you made about our responsibility as creators, and not just photographers. I think so many of us, in the hustle of social media and voices coming at us from every channel and trying to drum up work / business / reputation, forget that we are free to rethink what we have been taught / sold / indoctrinated with. That there are no rules to making something novel when there’s no audience for the end product. We don’t play enough. The anxiety of always having to produce things that get affirmed is so insidious that it eats away at us even in private.

    1. Hey Charlene – love that you enjoyed the interview, even after hearing a lot of Dan talked about before. The fact you took notes, warms my heart and makes me feel I did my job well. Thanks.

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      Now you know why I quit. Photography immediately returned to a place of my own. Now, the downside is the job keeps me so busy I haven’t touched a camera with intent since spring of 2019. But I’m okay with it.

    3. Dan … so it’s better to photograph for ourselves, than to do it as a job for others, basically? So we should make our living doing something else other than photography … and save photography as a personal project for ourselves?

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      Well, that is a personal decision so not something I can say definitively for everyone, but what I can tell you is I am FAR happier NOT working as a photographer. I have no intention of ever doing assignments ever again.

  2. You’re not worth the extra buck to hear the rest 😁…and I think Ralph Gibson turned Magnum down, or at least left very soon after seeing it wasn’t for him 👍🏻

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      They have lost quite a few over the years. Salgado, Nachtwey, etc. But, this is typical.

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  3. Loved having you on the show Dan, and appreciate the time you gave up for me and the listeners.

    I was hoping to introduce a new/different way to approach their photography, business and creativity. Judging by the comments I’ve received, you’ve done exactly that.

    Looking forward to following along with your journey. You’re a good man and a good influence. Thanks.

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      Nice job on the interview. Enjoyed it. And I think new/different ways are what will save us, maybe.

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