Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 57

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How about a close encounter on a hiking trail? Of the black and furry kind. But that’s just the beginning people. This week we talk hero, goat, and the idea that crime does pay, depending on who you are. We also cover a potential future motorcycle, people expressing faux outrage over gun violence while hiding the fact they are gun owners, the Oscars, C19 entitlement, fly fishing, the Russia hack and a tale of two shows….

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  1. Not sure what to make of your statement about “faux outrage over gun violence” by someone owning a gun. That’s like saying drivers of cars shouldn’t be upset over excessive speeding and dangerous driving, or that people who enjoy a glass of wine/beer/whatever have no right to oppose drunk driving. I’m not a fan of guns/ownership, but I think there can be perfectly valid reasons for owning certain types of guns.

    1. Yeah, this rhymes with my thoughts as well. And there are also some serious entitlement and under education issues with American gun culture that won’t ever be addressed.

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      Same. I find it odd when someone is vehemently anti-gun online but has guns at home.

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