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Yes, I’m back. Hero’s, goats and workshops, and Zines. What’s not to like. Tune in, turn on and strap in for the continuation of this podcast that was alone in the grave only to be resurrected and brought back to life. We talk Albania workshop, political craziness, C19 lessons, and the painful reality the Amazon is going away. And much, much more.

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  1. YES!

    I’m going to try something new – live “tweeting” this. Yay, I’m one of the 12 listeners!

    Does the Carnation breakfast drink still exist?

    Strawberry, blueberry – I’m sure that was real fruit. Mmmm, whole milk.

    3-2-1 contact with the buffalo.

    I bought two shares of Price Club (now CostCo) stock 35 years ago. I’m on the poster of “don’t do what this idiot (me) did…buy and hold.”

    Congratulations on the vaxx!

    Compound interest + deer scrotums.

    Gaetz. “…such a tool…” is the right word. I’m disappointed with the reporting. Sure, I suspect he’s capable of all kinds of shady, but you can think/suspect that while simultaneously worrying about how big media reports things.

    Agree 100% on the reasons for the vaxx. I like that you mentioned that while isolation is ok for you, you know that if it continues, it means a lot of people are hurting. I think that’s one thing we’ve lost in the era of instant posting social media. There’s less tolerance or patience for nuance and complex thoughts. I guarantee if this transcript were on Twitter, a gazillion people would quote one thing…”I hope we get another year.” Twitter will kill us.

    Live tweet segue – happy this is back. There’s just something about listening to audio only. It reminds me of listening to baseball games with the great announcers. I love baseball, don’t follow it anymore, but I think you could listen to the great radio baseball announcers even if you hate baseball. Don’t believe me? Watch Major League or Bull Durham. Just a bit outside.

    “No one wants to die over a photo workshop.” Amen.

    Danger close.

    I’m hitting pause to avoid a 3 alarm fire in my kitchen, so I’m posting this as Part 1 so I don’t lose it.

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      I’m going to take one things from this only because it made me laugh. The guy in the stands at baseball with his stat sheet and his radio. I love that guy. Even that poor dude in Chicago that got screwed by Cub fans. I feel so bad for him. More of a fan than any of the haters but run out of town.

  2. Part Two. I’ll dial it back. 3 alarm fire avoided in case anyone was worried.

    The Horror, The Horror.

    “…half of these look like they could take a small child and fly away…”

    “…I think I came from you…there’s a little bit of recognition here…”

    Whoa, I went “a bit outside” before “a bit outside” showed up in the podcast.

    I’m sorry to hear about your mom’s short-term memory.

    Cycling. Here’s a thought. Can you combine some bike touring with Blurb? Maybe start small. Three weeks on the bike + laptop + camera. Document what it’s like building a zine as you go? You’ve talked in a video or two about your project in Albania, and at the end of the day looking through the photos with another person, assembling the zine. Here’s why I think it applies – people travel with their families and take photos, of their families or of projects. The choice for folks is to work on their zine in the moment or after the trip.

    Ok, that’s a wrap. That was a lot of fun. Even if these are once in a blue moon, I hope they continue.

  3. Dan,

    I’m so happy this podcast is back !!
    I like your Youtube videos, but frankly I feel I’m staring at screens enough already.
    I prefer the form of the podcast and I prefer the wide range of seemingly random topics about and away from photography.
    You are a great storyteller and it is a pleasure to listen to you.

    During the podcast hiatus I found myself going through some of the older episodes. Well, I need to listen to something during my cardio training.
    Found some nuggets there, like a reference to your old CreativeLive video which is pure gold and entertaining! And that opened a door to the videos by Ron Haviv and Ed Kashi which are amazing. Too much screentime already… well, so much about that.
    (not to forget about the reference to Allard’s book about the photographic essay, which helps to reduce screentime)

    Listening to For What It’s Worth episodes from late 2019, early 2020 ran a cold shiver down my back as there are some small references to “that ting happening in China” creeping in. And they grow bigger from episode to episode.

    Youtube may give you the larger audience, but this series of podcasts has become invaluable to me. So happy you’re back here.
    Just saying 😉


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      Glad you are here. I forgot about that mention of C19 early on. I was tipped by a friend in China, back in December of 2019. Foreshadowing.;..

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  4. You’re back! Great! Very interesting podcast, as usual!
    I’m sure there are more than just 7 people listening to your podcasts (like you said in your last youtube film) but they just don’t always have the time to write back to you.
    Looking forward to the next one!

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      There might be 12…no, in all seriousness, I think they get about 500 listens.

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      That sounds like a real…something. And ya, I’m talking store bought cakes. WHICH I STILL EAT ALL THE TIME.

  5. Thanks for continuing with your podcast! There is no other podcast which covers the range of topics from the environment and tyre choice to politics and vomit stories; all done with good humour and common sense.

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