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Bong rippers on YouTube. YouTube plagiarism, selling prints and books, and the joys of learning my new 360 camera. But wait, there is far, far more. A little advice for anti-kneelers, the reality of doing guest posts on MY sites, Dems getting caught doing what they claim they don’t, the insanity of the “web sleuth” movement, and what I find on my adventure list for this year. (COVID willing.) Strap in, tune in, and get ready to throw down.

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  1. I listened to this last evening and I didn’t think then that I had any reason to comment on any of the points, but the two kinds of photographers thing sort of stuck in my head, and I started to see this morning the recognition in how my photography doesn’t fit either of those. When I decided to start doing a zine I created a website, mostly just for the fun of it, using the cheapest platform I could find. Found a local printer who is competitive with online, sorry Daniel, which eliminates shipping costs and delay headaches. I will be both kinds of photographer in my little unknown universe.

  2. Chuck
    David Bowie said it best. “Never play to the Gallery” If you do you’ll never do your best work.
    He said you do the work to express something inside yourself, to tell you who you are.

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