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Hello, my podcast children. Uncle Dan here. So much to talk about. Why not start with documentary films, the monetization of my YouTube channel, a merchandise idea for AG23 that is no longer just an idea, how anyone could lose their motivation, SpaceX and the miracle of the drone ship masked in poor wardrobe choices and the atomization of loneliness and despair brought on by The Internet. (Thanks Al.) And for those of you who hate everything, well, there is a little something here for you too.

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  1. Hello Dan,
    I will just go straight to the point. May I ask you to include links to things you speak in the podcast? I listened all episodes (yes, from the beginning when you interviewed artists) and there are many interesting things there. English is not my primary language, or often when I listen podcast, I am not able to note (but I remember what I was listening and I am checking this website). I know that you sometimes posted the links in the blog posts, but last times you were not doing that. It would be very helpful!

    What the hel are doing this links to social media at the bottom of this page? 😉

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      Sure, I’ll try to do that. Links to social, no idea. This site is only about 5% of my time so not entirely sure.

  2. Great show!

    Regarding SpaceX, they’ve shown a number of past stage 1 landing attempts that’ve failed, the camera blackout is from the rocket exhaust plasma disrupting the satellite uplink from the drone ship. They’ve landed over 30 stages, that’s their business model, reusable vehicles. Traditional NASA hardliners are more supportive of old-school suppliers who also build hardware for the MIC. SpaceX is seen as an outsider, but it’s hard to argue with success.

    ABQ has great biking in the northeast heights, where you can go from the foothills to UNM, Nob Hill and downtown via residential side streets or dedicated bike trails. The problem is the west side, which is isolated communities connected by high volume feeder roads that aren’t bike friendly.

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      I’ve ridden some of those streets. Man, ABQ has such a huge opp right now but I’m guessing it’s not priority. That could be such a great biking city. And the trail along the Rio is nice too.

  3. Come over to Canada anytime. People are finding ways to bike all year long here, many are riding those fat bikes in snow trails. But same as else where it gets heated when bikes and cars share the same roads, I think our cities (we’re a sorta tri-city area) have been trying to improve the situation, it’s getting better. Slowly.
    SpaceX is really doing something good for space exploration, re-usability and economically viable models are both things NASA never got close to achieve.
    Unfortunately, people are loosening up pretty fast here to about the Covid situation, we’re lucky our area has barely been touched because we reacted fast but a lot are acting like it’s over now…
    I can’t get the AG23 shirt since they don’t ship to Canada, but kudos to them including you for pulling this project together.

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      MC< We are working on a variety of things. Stay tuned. We have assured ourselves a long Covid year based on zero leadership, science deniers and politics which have radicalized much of our population.

  4. Great content as always, Dan! With regard to YouTube monetization, this has been an eye opener for my wife and I within the last week. We started our backcountry foodie channel a couple years ago and only have five videos at the moment. Four about backpacking nutrition and one terribly boring van tour video! Traffic has slowly grown but we haven’t put much time into the channel while we focused on our backpacking meal planning business. But then, the Google gods notified us that we’d reach the monetization thresholds and we pulled the trigger on 6/12/20. Within days, YouTube started promoting our content considerably more and our daily views went from about 300 up to 3-4k! This created a huge influx of traffic to our website and has been by far the greatest referral source for new paying customers. 68% of our customers now state that they found us on YouTube. We have previously dabbled in paid ads and got no traction. We’re now planning to focus our marketing efforts on new video content that will help fellow outdoor enthusiasts meal plan for adventures while also building my wife’s brand.

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      Damn Chris,
      Way to go. You gotta learn me how all this stuff works. We are supposed to eat in the backcountry? I just chew on my straps.

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