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Loaded week. Hero, question, eleven points. How about Dick Cavett and Dick van Dyke talking about booze, what constitutes good photography and how that definition changes with your audience, air traveling for sport and bragging rights, copy cats in the photography world, Jim Baird Canadian adventurer and much, much more. Lock and load.

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  1. Water. I worked for the State Department in my previous gig. Sure miss that government paycheck and pension right about now haha. Not that I could have worked for this admin. Anyways…when I first started there, in the mid-2000s, I was good about searching out various presentations, lectures if you will. They had this professor, I think he was from UCLA. Geographer. He was telling all these foreign policy and development folks to pay attention to the water.

    Cosmic connection between my blog and your FWIW. Has to do with Cormac McCarthy. Drop by if you’ve got a few minutes between endless phone calls.

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      Three hours of calls today, so far, with another hour starting in 15 mins. And another hour later, and these just work calls. Throw in family, Zooms, etc. It’s nonstop.

    2. Haha. No rest for the wicked. I bought an Olivetti Letteras 32 typewriter the other day, picked it up in Bainbridge shorty before or after your post. It’s the model McCarthy used for most of his books.

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  2. Great podcast again Dan. You mentioned Photo I bookstore? Please can you share a link to the site or give me the correct spelling for it. I can’t seem to find it.
    Thank you very much!

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  3. Great thoughts re water. I wish more people in the west (especially those in large urban cities like LA or Phoenix)
    knew the real cost of their water.

    I just read Cadillac Desert, left me depressed and delfated!

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      I find many Americans don’t know we are even in drought conditions. And, many don’t’ know where their water comes from.

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