Create: For What It’s Worth Episode 033

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How many of you were spoiled by the wonders of “Wild Kingdom?” This week is loaded up with carbs and empty calories but I know that is what comprises much of your diet. Let’s talk Twitter, the incredible reality of working with editors, patience during the pandemic, hoping for amputation porn, renewable energy, revisionist history, and much, much more. Glad to have you. Come in and stay awhile.

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  1. Hi Dan,
    I’m starting a new YouTube channel and was seeking some advice.
    I DM’d you on Twitter but you didn’t respond?????
    My elevator concept pitch;
    Death valley – beautiful girl dressed only in a thong – camera zooms in finding her skipping along happily with dust flicking off feet and boobs ( large ) bouncing – dramatic music – swarm of killer hornets appear over horizon.
    I don’t want to give away too many more details for fear of having the concept stolen.
    To my questions;
    1) Are you available for a collaboration?
    2) What camera/lens combo would you suggest for the close-ups?
    3) Do you know of any killer hornet trainers?
    4) I’m looking for sponsors. Do you have any leads?
    Looking forward to getting together and fleshing this out.

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      Sorry, there are already 100 channel doing that EXACT thing now. And now we need a new department of the interior team of trash collectors to pick up after all the “dispersed” campsites are left trashed. (Happening here in NM as we speak.)

  2. Dan, I enjoyed this a lot.

    About Wild Kingdom, George Carlin had a great line about “While Jim’s wrestling the wild anaconda, Marlin’s in the Land Rover with Tanya.”

    Regarding ABQ’s water, the city elders in the ‘50s bought water rights from the San Juan; which, due to the diversion project flows via the Rio Grande. The city is now pumping that water out of the Rio Grande and injecting it into the aquifer under the city.

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      Water in NM is a story that never gets old. And we just keep building….. Carlin was so great. And that just about sums up WK.

  3. If you needed another reason to hate social media here it is. Youtube “street photographers” who have no reason to be on the streets (in other words aren’t on assignment for anyone) taking public transport to shoot large gatherings of anti-lockdown protesters, who don’t follow basic precautions. When you question them they scream about their “rights”. Yeh Coronavirus doesn’t care about your rights and science says you’re risking infection and transmission.

    BTW I’ve seen this on both YouTube and Instagram.

    Yeh they are bored selfish pricks who are in it for the “likes” and sub count.

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      I just think the work isn’t very good. I’ve got a new point for this weeks’ podcast about defining good and how that changes depending on your audience’s intelligence level. The entire concept of YT is likes and subs. Same for all social. It’s destroying us and our world.

  4. Respectfully, Dan, there will always be bad work. The true corrosiveness of social media lies in what it encourages the non-critically minded/immature into believing and behaving. It’s become the new hive mind. People on YouTube and Instagram seem to have a poorly developed understanding of their responsibilities to their audiences. In the times of the exponentially spreading pandemic, the consequences of this selfishness can, I think, add fuel to the catastrophe.

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      Yep. Some of the most destructive systems ever developed. And the developers knew and did it anyway. And those without many of their own thoughts are all in.

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