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A packed week of helmet to helmet content. We talk the myth of purity in the art and photography worlds, the significance of the Michael Flynn ruling, softcore porn with a tragic twist, the concept of having one “do good,” day a week, the hipster rebellion overtaking the city of Los Angeles and much, much more. If you can stomach a gas station hot dog then have a seat and have a listen.

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  1. I went off meat a long time ago, but I’ll never be able to give up eggs or fish. I don’t eat a ton of fish, but l sure do enjoy a salmon fillet, tuna steak, and sushi/poké. Less so on the poké these days. When I first had it, mind blown. But as the number of places to get it has increased, the quality seems to have dropped.

    I share almost all of your concerns about Trump, the election, and what his followers want America to look like. But I disagree on the Flynn part. I can’t stand the guy. That “lock her up” stuff was a disgrace. But I think from 2015 on Comey and the FBI acted like keystone cops. I don’t really know what that expression means. But they made one wrong decision after another, and MSNBC, the retirement bonanza for national security officials, paraded one talking head after another telling us how airtight and rigorously vetted the FISA warrants are. Well, that was a sham. The Carter Page warrant was littered with lazy and dishonest law enforcement practices.

    I have several friends who were furious with Barr’s Flynn ruling. I asked them if they could, without looking it up, explain clearly why the FBI went to speak with him, what they discussed, and what they actually busted him on. I knew I couldn’t. They couldn’t either.

    I think Flynn is shady, and I think Trump is a disaster. But the FBI’s behavior and actions throughout scare me, too. If they botched the highest profile investigation in decades and made all those mistakes knowing the scrutiny the investigation would draw, one has to wonder how many less powerful people got screwed in other investigations. Pains me to say that. I’ve worked with a lot of FBI people. Similar to what you said about most police, most FBI folks sign up for a life of trying to make us safer.

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      We have systemic corruption. And when you lie to the FBI and then plead guilty to two felonies it means you ran out of other options. And then when you make a public apology for going against your beliefs it adds to the reality of criminality. But if we needed proof of the corruption in the FBI we could have started back on the Osage Nation when the FBI was born. Take a look at the Waco series on Netflix. I was there the day it burned and the spin began before the flames were even out.

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  3. PK Ripper! I sucked at racing but ended up buying a Hutch Trickstar w mag wheels and thus began my freestyle years. (until I found skateboarding…).

    Anyways, lots of good memories from the ol days. I carried my Dad’s Nikon FM that had trouble advancing the film.

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      I had a Ricoh of some sort. 50mm lens. Found it in a closet at home. The Ripper was my fav bike and the one I spent the most time on. But I also had a thrasher bike parted out from several other bikes. And my first was a DG I had in Wyoming.

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