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A loaded lineup this week. New camera gear, the concept of hope, a brief touch on the virus situation, a few tales from my newspaper past and a variety of other morsels of critical data. What about the pros and cons of someone who does evil but the long play works out for the better? My computer needs and woes continue and what I witnessed in a photo-essay in a major publication. Daydream much? I do and I think it’s critical to success in life. Go get em and stay healthy out there.

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  1. Curious – Does having Lyme make one “immuno-compromised” for purposes of evaluating COVID-19 risks? I haven’t listened to your episode yet, so apologies if you mention that in it.

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      Yep. I’ve had a bad immune system my entire life so I’m distancing myself from everyone over the next few weeks at the very least.

  2. Hi Dan, I have just stopped listening mid-episode to write this. You mentioned a subject I’m passionate about, that I bore everyone I know about, daydreaming. I’m not anti-mobiles phones per se, but the fact that the majority of us have this tool for entertainment with us 24/7 means we never get bored, never have the space to daydream. I stood next to a guy at a urinal this week who started looking at his phone, so strong is that drug.

    Those gaps, when at one time we would stare into the middle distance while we were waiting in-line are now filled looking at a screen. For young creatives, in particular, this is important. Those moments when the brain has time to wander where the mood takes it are crucial to creative thinking. Boredom is good; daydreaming is essential.

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      We must be brothers! I totally and utterly agree. I just sat outside for five minutes looking at the sky, something that most of us have access to. It’s amazing and suddenly I was a million miles away thinking about unrelated things and ideas. Middle distance is a great way of putting it.

  3. You might wanna try looking at Final Cut Pro. Only $300 for life, no monthly fees, way easier to use then Premier and works incredibly fast and well on even older macs.

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      I might be headed there in the near future. Especially if I have to buy a new machine.

    2. I just ran across this comment way too late. Been watching lots of your videos and just now my first of your podcasts. If you are still looking for editing software, Davinci Resolve is free, easy, awesome and continually getting better.

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