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A great week. Here, politics, photography and a few stories that will hopefully make you laugh cry or ponder your own utility. What happened when someone mistook me for Brad Pitt? Why do we isolate the elderly and why do I tend to judge people before I know them? I don’t have answers people, mostly questions, but have a look and have a listen.

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  1. That one was jam packed. I’m definitely going to have to listen again.

    Did you ask the guys why they were open carrying in a donut shop? It seems weird to me. It will always seem weird to me.

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      I did not ask but I always get the same answer. Most see danger where there is none and most think they will eventually get to play the hero. And, many spend copious time in online forums and get convinced the government is coming for their suvs, guns, internet, etc. These two blokes were pretty solid, however.

  2. Hello Brad… sorry Dan – Loved the comments on love and I agree, in reality I don’t think people are supposed to marry. But saying that I think my wife is crazy most of the time but I wouldn’t change anything at all. It’s all the quirky weird things that you experience on a daily basis that makes living with someone else so special (and entertaining).

    The bike / camera gear thing is such a pain isn’t it. I’m completely content with my bikes and my camera gear but still find myself looking at Ritchey bikes and Fujifilm/Leica Q cameras every now and then. As soon as I catch myself doing it I have to walk away from the computer.

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      Me too. I do it way too often. And then I ride and realize, again, this bike is awesome and will probably outlast me.

  3. Right on target about the political situation and getting what we deserve.

    Kinky Friedman the nail right on the head with “Don’t re-elect nobody!”

    Didn’t realize Canon had made a 300 f2. Back in the day on a sunny Friday afternoon, I sat next to Walter Iooss in the 3rd base photo pen at the Friendly Confines as he was worked with a massive Zeiss telephoto with a front element the size of a turkey platter. One of only two in existence, someone said. Oh, those halcyon days.

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      Guaranteed to dig into your shoulder like no other lens. I’m just not sure it’s fast enough. If only there was a 1.4.


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