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Me again. Knocking off episodes like a college kid at nickel beer night. You should be impressed. This week we hit a new hero, we talk the life and death of Austin, binaural microphones, teaching workshops, the anti-tech movement, the idea of going vegetarian and I also provide some of the best marriage advice you will ever find. Wait, there’s more? Seriously? How about the stunted visual proficiency of our government and the prospect of civil war?

Lock and load people. It’s listening time.

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  1. Man, that was the best episode yet, and I’ve liked all the episodes. I’ve been thinking and trying to write about several of these topics for years. My reply will be too long – I’ll save you and your readers by posting it on my site. When it’s done I’ll come back with the link.

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      Roger that. I’m compiling the next episode now. Just learning about temperature of election topics and it will surprise you, maybe.

  2. As always, great listening. Thank you.

    So, what car WOULD you recommend for a young guy who’s moving to Los Angeles? It needs to be cheap, reliable, and, maybe, good in a crash. Oh, and offer some really nice bokeh.

    I was a vegetarian for several years. I was conscientious about it, and tried to make sure I was getting the B vitamins and whatnot. But during that time, I got sick. A lot. It was all fairly minor. When I returned to a full-on carnivore diet, I went back to getting a cold maybe once a year. My belief, backed up by my bachelor’s degree in English lit, is that each of our physiologies are much more individual than is generally acknowledged. What works well for one person at one stage in her life won’t necessarily work for someone else. I do best when I don’t eat a lot of white carbs — flour, sugar, pasta, potatoes. (Damn.) But this is totally anecdotal.

    And this is much too big a topic for a comment box, but I have to ask: What IS it about Jews that makes everyone lose their minds? Among the shocks of my adult life is seeing anti-Semitism roar back to repulsive life. Have you read much about it? I’ve just started “Everything You Love Will Burn” for some insight. Anything else you’ve seen? Explanations I’ve encountered so far seem superficial and glib.

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      Easy. Get a used Toyota Prius. Best urban car I’ve ever had. You can go weeks in LA without gas. Or, get a lease on a used electric like the Bolt. Great deals out there and that car in LA would be awesome and there are plenty of charging stations. Plus, with the range of the Bolt you can hit San Diego/Mexico, Palm Springs, and even Death Valley. Also, investigate the new public transit options. Still a joke in most areas but you might get lucky and live where it works. I think you are spot on about diet. I think some people really need a different protein. Me, I’m not sure yet. I tend not to get sick, ever, unless I get something huge like Lyme or meningitis. Lucky me…. The rise of antisemitism is odd but I’m not sure it’s a rise more than a public awakening. Before we left California we were seeing and hearing A LOT. It was building. And groups like Proud Boys are, from what I know, from southern California. All of this nonsense is based on flawed history, flawed knowledge, hate and nothing better to do. Same for much of the militia action we see. People waiting for civil war kind of thing. However, I’m not Jewish. But having said that, this is the first time in my life I remember hearing antisemitic comments, seeing the spray paint on the local temple and also the first time I’ve had a president, and members of his staff, openly support the ideology. In turn, his supporters I’ve confronted about this have all said the same thing, “he’s joking.” I think folks like Trump, Miller, King, Shea, etc. all provide the opportunity to revisit the age-old hate messages.

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      Ha, I just saw that. Chose it randomly and went for it. My fav part was the sleeping test of the three football players. That was hilarious but it got me thinking!

  3. Bonne année Dan,

    Thanks for an outstanding episode, and your podcast on getting known without social. Keep an eye on your mailbox.

    For dark matter, Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Astrophysics for People in a Hurry will bring you up to speed painlessly.

    Bonne santé,


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