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Too many topics to cover in one podcast. Far too many. There are so many interesting, repulsive, idiotic and miraculous things happening it is impossible to NOT comment. So let’s get started. Politics? Yes, briefly but it’s mandatory at this point. I also check in with TWO new heroes of the week, the potential of my next laptop, the allure and reality of a messy life, Star Wars and my dismay at the barrage of poorly written overly animated films and the bizarre community of “creative” people who claim to lack motivation or inspiration. WTF?

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  1. The first seconds you got. me again! Cocktail! Yes… so we need to make a movie night! I had the song “Never” from Moving Pictures on repeat while riding on my road bike… Which movie Dan? Haha! So I believe we find a couple of cool movies to watch…! So now I need to listen more to your podcast!

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      You are a genius just based on your pure love of Cocktail. This movie transcends logic, fame, fortune and the almighty rum drink. I have it playing on a loop in my office.

  2. Mac Disclaimer: your milage may vary. As far as component failure all the computer vendors buy their components from the same few suppliers. I’ve spent the last 25 years using a windows machine at work and macs at home. The thing is companies replace their laptops every 18 months so I’ve never worn one out. But then again I’m typing this on a 10 year old iMac 27 inch. This is the first gen. First one I had had a faulty video card/component. Apple replaced it and it’s been trouble free for 10 years now.
    For video you kinda need a workstation (non moving computer). You’ll always outgrow/use up laptops trying to do video on them. It doesn’t matter if you use a windows or a mac laptop. Jobs predicted laptops would replace desktop computers years ago. Apple got rid of the MacBooks because they know something will replace laptops soon. I’m guessing it’ll be a tablet or better yet a doc you plug your phone into with attached monitor/keyboards. I have acquaintances who go mac to windows laptops and then start having the same problems after 6-12 months.
    I’m gonna suggest a new model for you to consider. Buy a tablet to use on the road (email web surfing). Move your video to your at home workstation over the Interwebs. Edit them remotely using remote desktop. Better yet move them to the cloud and edit remotely.
    Yes I know you hate my idea 😉 After many years I’ve just gotten a glimpse of the arch of where technology is going. Then again maybe I’m kidding myself. 😉

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      Hey Jim,

      Very interesting. I like the idea of moving data to the cloud, other than the cost and time of uploading so much information. The one thing I don’t like is the tablet idea. I have tablets because I’m a producer, not a consumer. I rarely surf the web, use an SD card slot every single day and use every single port all day long every day. I have an iPad Pro and it’s okay but drives me crazy most of the time, and it was the fourth iPad I’ve had but it’s the only one that hasn’t broken. But, I never travel with it. Apple is attempting to force everyone to tablet. I get it. I look at the Thinkpad Extreme and it sure looks a heck of lot more usable than the new Macbook Pro. As for tower, it would sit idle. I’m on the road way too much. The ONE thing I could see getting is a Mac Mini.

  3. The bit at the end about inspiration and motivation is solid gold, Mr. Milnor.
    Also, the EDC fetish/fussy desktop/Francis Bacon/life is messy section was great—-astringent but somehow comforting at the same time.
    Thanks for the good work!
    (I don’t know how this rhyming commenters thing happened. I swear my name is really Tim)

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      Thanks to The Princess Bride we all know about rhyming! Are there rocks ahead? If so, we’ll be dead. STOP RHYMING. Someone called me yesterday out of the blue and asked “Have you ever heard of the craziness called EDC?” I had to laugh.

  4. This was an inspired episode! I’m so feeling you on an archival system. With mine, they also have to be portable, because I need to be able to pack up, pick up and go with short notice. It’s a nightmare I’m constantly managing.

    Also, this is the first I’ve heard about EDC and OMG!!!! Talk about a rabbit hole I wish I’d never been down.

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      EDC is a sickness. And the folks I know who are into this stuff are REALLY into it. I think it’s the tip of the spear of commercialism culture. Hyper-refined but mostly unused.

  5. Hi Daniel,

    As Jim said, all computer hardware breaks, so my guess is that your bad Mac experience is not because it was a Mac. What for me makes the difference in computer decisions is the OS. I use a Macbook Air and a desktop PC with Win 7. Both are very stable, but Mac OS is (in my opinion) much easier to use, with more tools making your life easier, without a plethora of options I don’t need/understand. The reason for the PC desktop is of course the price-to-power ratio you mentioned. My partner has the Surface with Win10, and that thing is a constant scare. For the job she’s doing, she has to have the machine ready any time, and Win10 may suddenly decide it’s time for an OS upgrade and it hangs for about 15 minutes, while it downloads the files, make builds, installs, whatever, and you CANNOT DO ANYTHING about it. If you can wait, go for a beer, and do your job later, it’s fine. Otherwise, you’re in for trouble. I don’t like the philosophy of Apple, I hate it even more since they took down the Tio Pepe neon from Puerta del Sol in Madrid, and my next phone will be Android. You’re right that the Adobe Premier (or whatever program) looks the same on both OSs, but there are many small tasks you need to do (installing printers, finding/moving files, making notes) that I think work much smoother on Mac OS. So I don’t know what I’d buy. But then I’d been driving a 18 year old Nissan until the windshield spontaneously broke, so I’ll probably wait until the hardware is absolutely unusable.

    Thanks for the podcasts!

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      Hey Lukasz,
      I hear ya. I’m not sure what the solution is. I thought about a Mac Mini, which is also portable, but it won’t work when I get on a plane…Hopefully, I can wait until Mac makes something decent again.

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