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A great episode this week, at least I think so but I might be the only person listening to this. I just never tire of my own voice. Anyway, we hit on a political opportunity for the Republican party, the death of fall colors at the hands of Instagram, the Fuji 50r and why I can’t live without this camera, the idea of NOT going pro as a photographer and why I need to remind people why this is true. And other topics too. How you can NOT tune in?

I’m moving next weekend. This means for seven months I will have a home base, a place I can leave my podcast gear setup and ready to go. This means many more of these random encounters on the way. Brace yourself.

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  1. Hey Daniel,
    I can’t answer your Saturn question, but we bought a new ’96 Saturn for less than $11,000. The price was as advertised on the sticker, with no haggling or hidden extras. As we were buying it, my wife asked them to remove the floor mats and they took them out and deducted the cost from our total. The service was fantastic, the couple of times I had to take it to the shop overnight they had a loaner standing out front, with the engine running, and a salesperson waiting for us. It got an honest forty miles to the gallon for years.
    I have never been a conspiracy theory guy, but I think GM decided that the car and the service were too good, and they probably did not make much money on the Saturn so they and the other car companies did not want this kind of quality and service to set a precedent.

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      Jesus, how times have changed. Good luck getting that now unless you buy a $100,000 car. And I think you are correct about the long-lasting aspect. That does not play in a world of infinite, nonstop growth as the key mission.

  2. Sounds interesting. I’m looking forward to listening to this in the car on the way to work this morning!
    Also… I check your photography page quite regularly for inspiration and I love coming across the new images you throw in there. Its a nice surprise moving to the next frame and its something I haven’t seen before!

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      Seeing as you are new here there is probably A LOT of work you haven’t seen yet. A good thing.

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      Hey Patrick,
      Thank you. And yes, I believe more strongly in this now than ever before. Live the myth or live your life. If often comes down to that.

  3. The YouTube trolls and van life rant was superb. And I think I’m getting very close to deleting Instagram from my phone.

    You don’t need that Fuji camera. Keep it light.

    I went for a bike ride this morning feeling demotivated and anxious about what I want to do with my photography but every time I come to your website I’m reminded that I should be photographing for myself and nobody else.

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      It’s WAY more fun, and frankly, you will make better work. It’s odd to think that many/most clients don’t know what good photography is because many times they haven’t seen anything. They are follow the leader types. They see something that did well so they assign someone to copy it. Look at travel magazines, even the top-level ones, and you see the formula of nearly every travel story being published. Lame. People are afraid, uneducated and also terrified of going over budget so they conform. But, there is life on the outside.

  4. Hey Dano! Great to hear this and hear the updates of late. I do enjoy these and appreciate the effort you put into them. NIcely done. Glad to hear the regear went well and as expected. I did like that youtube video as well. Keep it up. I can’t even talk about IG…. What have we come too! Just had a conversation about this over lunch today. Well, not so much a conversation as it was a therapy session for the other person…

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      Agreed. I can’t see being able to complain about things like the 2016 election, knowing what we know about Facebook and their disinformation campaign and STAYING ON THE NETWORK. The way I see it, if someone is on either of these networks they are supporting these horrible campaigns. And when I hear creatives saying “I have to be on these networks or I will go out of business,” it’s SO painful.

  5. Man, you’re producing like crazy lately. I’ll need to set a day a week just to catch-up on everything Dan!

    It’s election time here, seems nowadays politics just focus on bringing down each other and who ever finds the biggest dirt about the others win. Which plays to mr.DT’s advantage cause he just spits out any lies he wants. And that seems to go by the IG’s crowd like normal talk. Whatever…

    On to the more positive stuff, professional photographer all good points, I’d never even consider it. Working on what I like and love to do is the only way to go. Plus I have an income so I don’t care much about making money out of it, it’s all bonus… which will go right back into it, printing, books or gear I need which is not much now that I’m off the ground with it.

    Thanks for sharing yours heros, it helps me, the blind new comer to the field, to know more about photography.

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      A lot more on the way. So much going on in both my personal and professional lives. Photography for yourself can be so much more impactful. I’ve seen it in dozens of my friends and certainly myself.

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