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The idea is to reduce the number of physical possessions. Less is more. But there are things essential to our existence, essential to what we do, and essential to our mode of operation. These essential items can be with us for work reasons, for play, or for strategic need. There is nothing wrong with “stuff,” but our goal is to have less and less while finding intense appreciation for what we decide to keep. And questions about these items, just reach out. (Links are in the description of the video.)

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  1. Those Dan Bags look nice. Ugh, I wish I’d watched this a couple of days ago. I use the Ródes, too. Old dude walks around his neighborhood and talks to an H1n Zoom. I want to do interviews, maybe a podcast if I can convince myself I’m not just doing it to have a podcast. Along the way I’ve fallen for audio. I’m actually proficient at Adobe Audition now. Takes me a long time to learn software. And that’s when I started looking at mics. I’m good about about monitoring gear acquisition, but I pressed right past the warning signs on this one. I already had the tools I needed. Well, I went out and got a Sennheiser dynamic XLR mic. May have been a mistake, especially after seeing the Rode splitter possibility.

    Not being owned by our possessions. I go in waves of wanting to live in a Finnish pre-fab house with nothing inside, a nomadic existence, or a solid home base that has room for things like camping gear and photo book collections. My “stuff” has been creeping up again – need to start giving stuff away ahead of the move back to the southwest.

    I hope you don’t get rid of your negatives.

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      Just imagine what we are missing on a daily basis. I am going so far and so hectic it’s a miracle anything works. The mics are good. Easy. It’s getting to use them that counts.

  2. Dan, since moving to the rural midwest from Orange County, CA I have missed my near daily yoga practice. While I used to attend a big chain studio with heated rooms for a Vinyasa flow, I am left with nothing to follow being at home. Curious if you have a recommended video series/app you follow or if you just work on free movement/whatever you’re feeling that day.

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      Hey Cody,
      Another fried reached out yesterday asking the same question. There is a woman on Amazon Prime who teaches Asthanga. If you only did her primary series alone it is worth it. She also dives deep into the meaning of what you are doing, the history, etc. If you are in a hurry it won’t work. I’ve only seen part of her series but it was good. Kino MacGregor.

  3. We built a house 5 years ago and well before we moved I started slimming down on gear. The ultimate goal is to have everything fit either on one bicycle (the Curve GXR) or in one backpack (the Atlas Athlete). That’s probably pushing it a bit but a goal is a goal.

    That jacket looks great though.

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      Jacket is new best friend. For us, it’s the van. We both need to be able to work from the road so it adds a few things to mix but still very little in the grand scheme.

  4. Totally agree with the minimal approach. But man having a little girl it’s hard to pass those thoughts to that generation. Choice, choice, choice. They live in the land of waaayyyyy to many choices!!

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      Yes, remember when we have three channels. Total. With rabbit ears on the TV. In Wyoming as a kid we had ONE channel and the only phone we had was a radio phone.

    2. Dan, oh yeah totally and getting up to change channel on the TV. The phone stuck to the wall. Rewinding songs on tape…
      The only thing I hope to teach her not to minimalize are books. Read, read, read. If she can get that from me I’d be happy.

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