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There are so many things I wish I knew. Advice, suggestions, heck…even threats would have been good and well deserved. Dear photographer is about this very thing. To do, not to do, take your pick. Being a photographer means different things to different people but some advice transcends all levels and flavors.

1. 2:03, Lazy

2. 3:57, You don’t need it.

3. 6:00, Stop donating to others.

4. 8:13, The bar used to be ten years.

5. 11:30, Quit

6. 14:19, Make photos not content.

7. 18:48, This isn’t fair.

8. 21:48, Six in ten think they are important.

9. 23:05, Don’t let others dictate who you are.

10. 24:59, The old guard still rules, in part.

11. 26:53, Take time off, sport, music, language, and take a break from self-promotion (for the love of God)

12: Small is enough.

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  1. “This isn’t fair” hey fo sure. My dad used to tell me “Live isn’t fair. Sometimes the unfairness works in your favor. Sometimes it doesn’t.”
    Problem is people tend to attribute their successes to their own agency and blame their failures on someone else.
    The best advice I ever got when I was a “professional” photographer was “If your pictures aren’t good enough, it’s ALWAYS your fault.”

    1. Lol LIFE not live. Not enough coffee this morning. Oh and if your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not Robert Capa! 😉

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