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I can’t always stick to this plan but it is always in the back of my mind. A simple goal really. Continue to learn. Now, before you go thinking I’m some sort of genius or that I am from a house of learned doctors please pause for a moment and realize I am basically a total dumbass. I always have been and I probably always will be. The vast majority of things in the world are a complete mystery to me, so even at my current pace, I will still be a total dumbass by the time I leave this Earth.

And here is a positive reality. There is an endless amount of stuff to learn. Endless. I could probably JUST do Spanish and never truly master it. Same for guitar. Certainly for anything pertaining to art. Reading? Same. I find this entirely exciting actually. This time of virus is HUGELY important. I feel it’s my responsibility to come out better than I was before. Maybe I can get involved in society in different ways? Maybe I can learn something that will help? But sitting idle or just coasting ain’t in the forecast.

And by way, this list is what I would call my “independent” day or tasks. Work takes a huge amount of my time so I do my best to merge the two worlds. Sometimes it works well and other times I only manage one or two of the items on this list. Today I had six work related tasks to complete. It’s 7:18 PM and I’m still going. Tomorrow will be just as busy. Again, this is good. Amidst the mayhem and unsettled emotion there ARE good things happening, so we have to focus on those, even the most minute, and realize humans are damn fine at adapting. And now, perhaps more than ever, we have to practice our collective patience.

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  1. I’m grateful to have a job right now too. It’s therapy. I would go nuts without it in these times.

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      I’m fortunate. I’ve been solo and working from home for twenty-five years. Job is good too.

  2. Ah I feel the same… but I struggle with routine. Often times I feel like a kid in a candy shop… overwhelmed at what to choose in this life. Curious to know what you’ve been watching?

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      On the tele? Well, I don’t have cable or TV, so we just stream things from time to time. Recent watches. “Magnus,” about Magnum Carlsen the chess player. And we just watched “The Queen’s Gambit.” And are starting Halt and Catch Fire. Zero, Zero, Zero was really good and I love all the Narcos series.

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