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First off, thanks to Mic for sending this along. This is a book about doing something. This is a book about less is more. This is a book about doing what we can while we can with what we have. This is a book about NOT standing idle.

Mic Warmington’s “Covid19 Shadows,” is a small, thin, non-threatening book that is moody, abstract, and concise. No need to barrage me with two hundred pages of repetition. Just a taste. “This is the time of COVID and I’m going to go do my thing.”

This looks to be Blurb 7×7, softcover made via the Lightroom option. The images are, as I mentioned, abstract, forcing the viewer to actually STUDY. Not just flip, STUDY, which I know terrifies a lot of folks who can’t use their oversized Instagram thumb to flip the pages.

This is a portfolio more than a book. A note, a reminder if you will. As if he is saying “this is happening. I am documenting.” It’s more than I can say. I’m writing blog posts about other people, like Mic, recording but am not venturing out myself.

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  1. Nice, and inspiring. Cut the cord today, made my last post to instagram, my last social media tether. Linked anyone interested to my ello and wordpress sites. Giving anyone interested thirty days to find me elsewhere, then killing the account. Just did a mult-image wordpress post, the first in months. Feels right.

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      I would not be surprised if there was a little detox action that will happen. I know there was with me.

  2. Not really a book but still on the printing and not been idle theme… since I got my darkroom up and running last month, I have been printing every night. I am putting together a box of 5×7 matt finish prints of my son from when he was born up until now (4 years old) to send to my mother back in England for her birthday.
    Out of all the useless, pointless crap I have sent her every year that she has pretended to like, I actually think she will genuinely like her gift this year. And I’m having fun doing it.

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  3. Dan,
    I ordered three books the other night that I put together. Two for my parents-in-law for Christmas and so a general mishmash of my images just so they can see them; and one of some of my favourite images for a friend who has helped me to improve my photography. I really enjoyed the process and will definitely do more! Will look at trying out some of the Blurb formats.

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