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Ross Evertson is one of those annoying characters who can do both photography and design. And just to rub it in he also knows print. Ross is a large man. Not overweight just large. But his photography is what I would describe as quiet and small. I’ve felt this about him and his work since I met him probably fifteen years ago. And when I say small I don’t mean minor or inconsequential. Not at all. He sees the world is a unique way and then translates powerful topics into digestible bites through quiet moments and curious angles. Ross tells stories in unique ways.

I love this book because there is NO fat whatsoever and his pairing and sequencing are where you see how his work is connected. This comes from thought, patience, and practice. I also love the edition, 88 of 100. My only question is who are the other 87 who got theirs before me? Damnit. Finally, Ross has a sense of humor. Something in short supply in the professional photography industry. When he sends me something I stop and pay attention. And he loves motorcycles. Ross, I’m getting a TW200. Brace yourself.

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