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I know when I get something from Andrew Molitor (The boy can seriously write.) it will have direction. That direction may be out of right field, but it is direction none the less and for this, I have great appreciation. There was a note inside the package. The seventh word of the first sentence was “experiment.” If I had a dollar for every time I urged photographers to try something new I would be able to buy a brand new Toyota Camry.

Andrew did just that. I’ve seen work from Andrew before, in print, and I’ve met Andrew in person and seen a bit more. (Work, nothing else.) He is a worker and a thinker. Always testing, probing, testing, probing. Wondering. And then doing something about it. It had been a while since my post box revealed something new so I was anxious to tear this thing open.

For me, this “Sonata #1” is a dance of good and evil. Light and dark. Subtle design elements but void of copy. It’s just you and the images. Now what? Just look and look again, think, and feel. I think the selective focus works well to delineate the important bits. Some spreads are simple while others are a sea of texture.

“I made this very fast and entirely by instinct,” he wrote. Like good jazz. Thanks AM.

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  1. Molitor’s blog posts are always thought provoking, thank you for bringing him to my attention.

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  2. Daniel, when I learned of you through the Fujucast podcasts and then your video and then your comments it felt like new life in these redundant days. Then you introduce us to others through your “Dispatches” and it is the most inspiring and life-giving brain food I have experienced in a long time of photography/creativity (almost 50 years). Appreciate you and your work and your associates. Thank you.

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