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Let’s all tip our hats to Chris Lewtas, someone I just met after he reached out to say “Hello.” Chris did what so many don’t. He went to print. Idea = action = critical thought = print. Well done. So when he sent me these images I asked if he would be okay with me showing them off.

Simple and clean.

A little background.

A tiny bit of background on these books –
‘No Justice No Peace’ was a journalistic collection of images I took during a British Black lives matter protest.‘Not Yet’ is a small project that kept me going throughout lockdown where I photographed the empty streets and then home developed the negs, before scanning them. A perfect time consumer and together they make a collection of photos I’m sure I’ll look back on for years.

I can’t tell you how important and intelligent this is. There are a lot of folks sitting around online sharing their lockdown work in rapid-fire motions but few are encapsulating for eternity. Such a smart exercise. Yesterday, I was going through case after case of photography books, amazed at the minds of some of the best. For me, there is no other group I want to take the time to study.

Note the type treatment and image placement.


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