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For those of you out there who are serious photographers, storytellers or journalists this is something you should know about. If I had my act together in any way, shape or form I would be applying for this myself. But, I’m a dabbler now, so things like this are a bit out of my range but for those of you with serious goals, projects and ideas this is something to investigate.

If you have been reading this blog you will have noticed I’ve posted about Catchlight before and I attended their annual retreat a few short months ago. I like the group, I like the people and I like the projects. Catchlight currently has an open call for their fellowship program which is totally and utterly legit. Just have a look at this.


Financial Grant: a $30,000 award will be distributed throughout the fellowship year to support the production and development of the Fellow and project. 

Project Development and Network Building: personalized project development and networking opportunities through CatchLight’s vibrant community of creative thought leaders across media, art and entrepreneurship. Fellows will participate in person at two key CatchLight programs in San Francisco: a kickoff weekend in May, 2020 and a Leadership Retreat in November, 2020. 

Amplification: During the first year, Fellows will work on their proposed project with the networking support of CatchLight. CatchLight will offer continued amplification and engagement support for another year past the fellowship year. The nature of the awarded fellow’s work will determine the appropriate partnerships, model, and timeline for distribution.

I really wish there were more opportunities like this out there. Hats off to Catchlight for carrying the load and finding the balance to offer this type of opportunity.

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