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Do you know how I said I wasn’t going to do these films anymore? Well, that wasn’t exactly accurate. At least in the short term. You see, this film was already in the can when I decided to pull the plug. But this past week someone reached out and said “Hey, John is fine with you doing a film,” so here we are.

This is a film about perception with a book as the vessel of the message. Creating a book like this is far from easy and far from inexpensive, but even in the Information Age, a printed book has an impact unlike anything else. Don’t let the geeks tell you otherwise. And putting out a book is a team effort. Photography, design, publishing, marketing, distribution all factor in. And ya, you might want to start with a stellar set of pics and a couple of banger essays from folks like this and this.

When I mention “Wedding Photographer” most people, and certainly most other photographers, instantly begin the great stereotype. But let me tell you this, that ain’t accurate and it never has been. Wedding photographers are often the most complete photographers I find. Good business people, organized, profitable, and able to shoot just about anything at any time in any kind of light. They also moonlight as psychologists and often at the last minute. When the bride, planner, or family member begins the great freak out, oftentimes, the closest innocent bystander is the photographer and oftentimes the success of an entire event hangs on a calm, cool, collected photographer saying “I got it.”

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