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Yes, you read that correctly. A book unboxing. I always tell people that one of the best parts of bookmaking is seeing the book on your doorstep. And even after two hundred plus encounters it never gets old. In this particular case, I’m unboxing a magazine but I think you should watch. This film might answer a few questions I get on an almost daily basis. Questions like premium or economy? Can I get neutral black and white? Perfect bound?

And, the best part is that you get to see ME on camera, again. Tip of the iceberg people. The dam burst so get ready to see me in your dreams and nightmares. I’ve got two short trips to endure before I can get back to New Mexico and get started.

Many, many thanks to Lawrence Fodor for allowing me to shoot this in his studio which is far, far, far nicer than anywhere I currently have access to. Lawrence is one of the most creative people I’ve ever met and is a constant inspiration to me. He’s a five-tool player for you baseball fans. Maybe more actually. He can hit for power, for average, can run the bases and has an amazing arm and can field well, which means he can paint, write, photograph, design, illustrate and do a myriad of other things. And, he’s nice. A rare bird indeed.

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      That sounds foreboding. I like it. I want to hit that Asian restaurant we went to with Nick and Bram. They will remember the name. Let’s hook it up.

  1. Well… Well… Well…

    It’s amazing how it turned out…and yes, of course we should all create something like that.
    You will not find my project uploaded…at least not yet. I’m not quite there yet. But I love the point you are making.

    But I have one thing to say:
    No matter how often you say that you are not a photographer anymore…it doesn’t wash!
    You are what you are. WE are what we are. It is in our blood. Nobody can take this away from us.
    You might have chosen not to earn your living with it directly…but indirectly it is what it is.
    It’s the skill and the fact that amazing quality of work results from it.

    Naturally this is only my opinion and I can’t let go of the label of a photographer. It’s been with me far too long…and means too much.
    I’m just not a pro anymore.

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      Always good comments. The title of “photographer” comes with responsibility in my mind. The minute I decided to step away I no longer consider myself a photographer. Sure, I might make pictures here and there but that’s it. I also ride 150 miles a week on my bike but I would never introduce myself as a “cyclist.” I leave that to the professionals. But I get your point. It is in our blood. My Lyme tainted blood…..

  2. I realize it’s up to us to figure out what layout works. But is there a “standard” for magazine layouts? ie, for book making, there is the half title page, title page, copyright page, etc. Any chance you will make your magazine available for online viewing….maybe temporarily?

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  3. I love getting blurb boxes. I’ve done 23 orders in 7 years, and it’s even more thrilling to get a box now than it ever was.

    The first few were all “ooo, I dunno.. is it gonna be OK?” but as I’ve gotten better at design, and as I’ve gotten more grasp of what blurb does well, it’s pure excitement now. I know pretty much exactly what I am getting, but I know it’s going to look and feel great.

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      It’s a drug. They know they have us. I have three sitting above my head right now that haven’t even been opened.

  4. AH!! I’m so behind on every personal projects, summer as been, well, Summer. And in a way I’m looking forward to the slower pace of winter to look at all the pictures I have made this summer, and of course make books or should I say premium mags. I don’t cut out social media entirely, there are some interesting connections to be made on there but as far as sharing my work, you’re not going to see my best (the work that really feels personal to me) out there. I just don’t want people to see what I do on 2 inches wide/over-saturated screens. I’m still debating how I’ll proceed with the books/prints, I have a few interesting series, do I bundle all in one book, do book + some prints, multiple books/mags…

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