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How many photographer/artists do I know who obsess over things like Argentinian cafes and Sony minidisc players? The answer? One. But THE one also happens to be one of the most talented people I know and I know a lot of people walking this Earth. I like people who make me feel creatively inadequate, and I would have to put Michael Napper in this category. Now, he would downplay this but I mean it. But I need to add one caveat to this. I find this MOTIVATING.

Did I mention that Michael can write? Did I mention he can do a dizzying array of other creative things? Ya, he can. And he does. My encounters with Michael go way back and they have always been rewarding and thought provoking. Now, from time to time, when the Gods are appeased and the ink is flowing he will put something in print and often I am one of the lucky recipients of these items.

Feast your eyes on “begin, vol 2,” a magazine display of some of the most beautiful work I’ve seen in a while. Now, I’m jaded. Fanboy. No denial. A mix of photography, paint, cut up, sketch, drawings, poetry, and more. The five-tool artistic player.


This is a Blurb Premium magazine unit. Nothing fancy, nothing too expensive. Just a tangible recording of his current state of being.

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