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Balazs is back. I’ve featured he and his Zines before and the man just keeps putting them out. I have great appreciation for production. All too often I see and hear stories of why people can’t do something. There is always a reason NOT to do something. But the best creatives, at least in my book, are always making. Pandemic or no. Just make, just create and just keep plowing forward.

All too often misguided financial goals, goals of fame or goals of following disrupt the process of simply telling a story, or in this case telling stories in print. Will these Zines change the world? Probably not but who cares. At least he throws his hat in the ring. The rest of us are spectators.

Simple layouts, simple design. Let the work speak. Allow for interpretation and just allow the story to breath. Thick cover material and thick paper allow for the lower page count. Just a tease, just an idea. What more can we ask in an attention starved world? And let us now forget, making these Zines forces him to edit, sequence, write, design and choose materials. That along is enough for the worthwhile.

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