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I’m back with another YouTube film. I thought about this film for a long while before I actually created it. I’ve made SO many mistakes in my career. As you will see, I mention a few here but there are hundreds of others I left out. Like maybe the time I was perhaps standing a bit too close to the police tape during a hostage standoff and when an officer went under and pulled the tape tight it flew back bounced off my forehead then moved BEHIND my back making it appear as if I had purposed crossed the line only to have the commanding officer scream in my face in front of the rest of the media? Ya, that happened. Oh, case you are wondering, they shot the hostage-taker in the head from long range.

Mistakes should be celebrated, learned from and built upon. In today’s phony online world, I feel that mistakes are often lied about, covered up or morphed into flawed victories of sorts. Nobody is perfect and clients know this. Honesty is in short supply and clients respect it, so never abandon this tried and true life technique.

Yes, I also own a Nikon F3HP with Zeiss 50mm.

I have grand plans for this old project once again becoming new but who am I kidding. I talked myself off the Sony cliff because I had a conversation with myself, again, about the reality of my life commitments. I just don’t have the time I need to do doc work well. I might win a battle now and then but the war was lost over a decade ago.

However, I can share what I know through my own personal experience and perhaps something I did wrong will allow you to do something right. Get out there and kick life in the teeth, my friends.

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  1. Oh man. Guilty as charged. Strike one for me.

    (Can you handle a quick technical question? I wanted to get some video and audio last month in the UK. I’m going to give myself an asterisk on that one for # of techniques. I didn’t view it as part of the project. But I’m probably lying to myself. Whatever. I have an H5 Zoom and the Rode Wireless Go thingmajigs – looks like it’s pretty similar to what you were using in this video. I hardly used it. Mainly because I’m not pressing myself (lazy) but also because I’m letting the tech get in the way. In this video, is your Rode wireless receiver just dangling from that recorder, or is the Rode trasmitter XLRed straight into the recorder? – I worry about asking too many questions here. It’s because I like the site, and it’s really informative. I know you’re doing a million things and have a lot of people commenting – if you can’t get to my questions, don’t sweat it!)

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      I’m using the recorder strictly for ambient sound. The Rode is hooked directly to the camera so the found file is attached to the video file. It’s very efficient this way and saves me having to sync later. Hope that helps. Don’t think for a second I know what I’m doing.

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  2. Ahh, ok, makes sense. At the end I saw the cord coming out of the recorder, assumed that was to the receiver. Haha, I forgot all about the existence of the camera out there.

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