Create: Anatomy of a Portrait, Episode 1

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Okay, new series. But, I got ahead of myself and needed to provide a portrait foundation before I begin to dissect an individual shoot. What kind of portraits do I do? What do they entail? How are they prepped, completed, and exited? These are often the things that get overlooked in the quest for the right gear or other distractions that provide no basis for becoming better photographers. Portraiture is a wonderful tool we can use to guide us in whatever subsequent genre we wish to pursue. Humans retain intangibility that once understood can help us navigate the rest of our photographic life.

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  1. Good stuff. I like the new series. I’ve bought too much lighting over the years. Not ridiculous amounts, but too much for anything I’ve ever done. I do like what the addition of some lighting can do, and I like that I have some basic proficiency with off camera lighting. I say again – basic proficiency. Partly because I can now say honestly that I generally prefer photos without lighting, or with minimal lighting. I’m in the zip code of my question. You mentioned that you got rid of your lighting. Do you pretty much go into the Dispatches with the idea that you’ll find the available light you need. Morning, noon, and night – Hasselblad + 80 and you’ll find the light?

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