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Here we go. Albania 2022. Still sounds odd to think about next year but here we are. Elena Dorfman was in town so we thought it fitting to have a talk about our upcoming Albania workshop and workshops in general. What is success? What does a day look like? What are the current culture, climate, and feel of Albania and why is NOW the time to go? Elena just spent a month in-country and has a new bead on just how special this time is. Our class is about connection in both mental and physical means. What this connection is and how it translates is unique to each student. Elena and I are both working with students on their photography, painting, writing, or other projects while I will also handle the “real-time” bookmaking aspect of the class.

For me, Albania was about being away and being left alone with my own thoughts and ideas. For the first time in a long time. I had no lofty goals or ideals around attempting to create an entire body of work. I simply found a technique, wrote as much as possible, and just tried to observe to the best of my ability. A sense of relief was the dominant feeling. It’s a privilege to get this kind of opportunity.

Next year my plan is to simply build on what I have but also add audio recordings to the mix. That’s it. Nothing more. Shoot, write, record, and enjoy the experience. I also hope to continue to learn from the students and from Elena as well.

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    1. Chuck,
      Blurb won’t really have anything to do with the workshop. I do my own thing most of the time, take vacation so I can focus on teaching. And they have tons of marketing programs as it is, so my classes rarely hit the headlines.

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