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This is a killer book. And we have Raw Society to thank for this, that is in addition to the photographer himself Héctor Delgado. Analog, processing kit, contact sheets, and the images that can only result from long-term immersion into a culture, subculture, and society. In other words, right up my alley.

For anyone who came up studying documentary or photojournalism, this kind of book is what we were all dreaming of when we saw ourselves making it. Assignments, control, book, repeat. Ajiaco speaks in both Spanish and English but also speaks with good design and large images that don’t need captions to covey the point.

The soul and skill of the artist on display through contact sheets, grease pencil crops and edits, and the rebate of Kodak’s residue. Faces, Places, and moments. A story build frame-by-frame. Reels and timers on bathroom sinks and the smoke from the cigar.

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