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This is a work in progress, and probably always will be, but the AG23 Zine collaboration is one of the best projects I’ve ever been involved in. Like many good projects, this one is somewhat complicated and somewhat unique and it takes a bit of explaining.

AG23 meeting with members of the staff. A preproduction meeting really.

My goal with this film, part one, is to give a little background on what AG23 is and how it came to be. The players, the parts, and the process. With a simple goal of promoting understanding through dialogue and art, AG23 is open to anyone with a story to tell. A twice-a-year, 2000 copy 6×9, softcover with #70 paper and a matte cover. (In a slipcase!) A non-precious object meant to educate, illuminate, and inspire.

The site companion to the printed zine. (For now, the fulfillment of the printed zine is limited to the United States.)

Contributors for Issue One. (Just look at the talent included here.)

Andrew Kaufman

Brian Storm

Charlene Winfred

Frank Jackson

Lorenzo Princi

Megan Wong

Melanie McWhorter

Michael Lundgren

Zoë Sadokierski

At the moment, I am waiting for a few small yet stylish and important pieces related to packaging. Once in hand, I will begin the great mailing of 2020. Contributors will receive their copies as will those who live in the deepest grooves of my database.

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  1. Very excited to be getting this Zine. I do enjoy good storytelling and photography and would like to be better at it myself by studying others. Your vids have been inspirational but it is not the same as actually exploring the good work of othersby. I hope to learn a lot from this compilation.

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  2. Hi Dan,

    The AG23 project sounds amazing. Beyond the project’s principle goal of promoting understanding, it is the concept of collaboration which interest me most. I sometimes feel my whole life has been one of collaboration. Sometimes this has been with myself as I moved my studies and career through textile technology, law and then history. More often it has been with others. For the last 20 years of my paid working life I was an historian, working predominately with architects, curators, design engineers, graphic artists and more in designing and building museums and interpreting heritage sites – telling stories. Collaboration was not just the key to a good outcome, it was the fun and joy of working on the project. Now that I am retired from full time work I am finding the same joy in pursuing some photographic story telling projects. Not for anyone else, just for me.

    I would have liked to get a copy of this first edition of AG23 but I note that the online ordering form restricts delivery to the US. Probably understandable given shipping costs. Anyway, I do hope this edition is the first of many. and that at least some of those grand goals you dream of become reality.

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      Hey Paul,
      Wow, you are in the minority in my mind, but photography can be a solitary pursuit, that is for sure. Heck, that’s one reason I love it so much. But, it took me far too long to collaborate and now I find far more passion in promoting what other people are doing.

  3. Hi Dan
    I’m in hook, line and sinker, as we say in the UK. But like the previous commenter I can’t get a copy sent to the UK. Is there some way you can sort this – I’m sure many people will be willing to pay the postage, especially when the zero price means no problem with duty, etc.
    Many thanks
    R Martin Seddon

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  4. The more I read about AG23 it seems such a great collaboration project and I guess we have to thank Rick for being so persistent in getting Dan on-board.

    I know its being worked on so I will just keep my fingers crossed that I too will be able to get a copy of the current or future issue sent to me in Germany one day.

    I highly recommend checking out each of the contributors websites, I did and there is even more outstanding work to see.

    I shall keep watching with interest…

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      Yes, Rick is to blame. And these contributors are real deal creatives with histories and careers.

  5. Dan I got my copy and it’s wonderful! It has me all charged up to move forward on making zines. AG23’s design is awesome. I also find the idea of collaborative storytelling a fascinating idea. Bravo!

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  6. Infectious inspiration: I’m in the process of putting together my first magazine with Blurb. My background is a stills photographer in film and TV, so most of my work has been published randomly over a variety of magazines and print material. Now I have the opportunity to actually curate my own journal and edit and use pictures in my own way.
    As a freelance, I’ve spent my career not collaborating with anyone, save a handful of journalists. AG 23 is potentially an opportunity for me to connect. I loathe social media and as a consequence, avoid it, which isolates you in this current climate. I’m excited (American term 🙂 to be creative and to have a collaborative publishing outlet. Thanks, Dan for the inspiration you so eloquently deliver.
    Best….Neil (London, UK)

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      Neil, thank you. It took me FAR too long to understand the benefit of collaboration. I should have been doing this 30-years ago but somehow managed to stay wrapped up in my own head.

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