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Frank Jackson is an enigma. Or an anomaly. Or maybe he’s both? Where does he fit in? I don’t know and that is precisely why I find Frank so interesting.

Want to know about analog photography? Talk to Frank. Want to know about digital photography? Talk to Frank. Want to know about wet darkroom printing? Talk to Frank. Want to know about digital printing? Talk to Frank. What to know about the history of photography? Talk to Frank.

Quiet, tall, observing. Like someone sidetracked from a Jazz career by the sound of the shutter. The smell of the fix and the pursuit of the quietest of moments that deafen with the roar from within. Impromptu but well defined.

And then there is the cup. Filled and filled again. Locations, dates and times. Dateline wherever. Just know it’s always there. Like watching a river and knowing you will never see the same water twice. What is the true cost of not fitting in? There is no cost, only reward.

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  1. Definitely my favorite out of the first issue. Reminds me some of Ralph Gibson from an esthetic standpoint, kind of stuff that I aspire to, but usually fall far short of.

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  2. Having met Frank and chatted to him for many hours, I agree with all of the above.

    “Talk to Frank” is very true but “Listen to Frank” too as he has many great stories to tell. A great guy, a master of his work and an inspiration!

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