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You know I like me some adventure, and I find myself on an adventure, one of the dominant questions is always “Where am I going to take shelter?” Could be inside, outside, tent, van, bedroll or primitive site with established or semi-established sites. Apparently, Tim Bindner has similar feelings, enough so he put together a nice little book about shelters and sites.

And look at that dedication. Sweet Jesus. Thanks Tim. But those folks venturing out will thank you even more. These book reminds me of the days I used to travel with a Lonely Planet guide and nothing else. Roll into a town in the middle of the night and the book would say “Stay here, in room six but NEVER room seven.” And the vast majority of the time it was right on the money.

Now, as far as shelters go these look damn fine. This book is not about showing off as a photographer or making some artist masterpiece. This is about data and data transfer. Want to know about these places and things? Here, here you go.

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